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Mr Bill Interview

Typical video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9L9j-3fhZ4
More artistic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGy2E9-dF0k
Less artistic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkTV_uTUv4I

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I graduated!

I now have completed my Bachelor's degree in Film-TV-Digital Media at TCU! I am proud to say that I graduated summa cum laude, and can't wait to see what the future holds!
I also plan on re-doing my website from the ground up, as well as creating a new logo, in 2015!

Love Lope Shirts!

I have launched a shirt Happy
Love the way a nice cam lope sounds at idle? Love fast cars? This is the shirt for

For my boyfriend and I's two year dating anniversary, I painted for him, on a small canvas, an image of a camshaft with the word "love" written on top, with the 'V' crossed out and replaced with a 'P'. I see this every day in his room, and really like the design, so I thought I could try to share it with others on a shirt! 

Who doesn't love hearing a nice cam lope sound at idle?! 

Purchase on my
Spreadshirt shop!
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Buck's Z28 Video

It was a lovely day at Texas Raceway, especially for shooting an amazing big heads/big cam, Calibrated by Karger 500rwhp Camaro! Yesterday, we went out to shoot Buck's car at the track and combined it with some dyno footage from Summer 2013 to make an awesome short video! I really love how it turned out, and he loved the finished product! I hope to make more videos for people in the future. Check out the video on my YouTube channel below.
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Cinematography Project

Here is my latest that I made for Cinematography class. Happy

Crave You:

Seven Nation Army and video plans.


Well, my boyfriend just wrapped up his project for his Z28, and the video turned out amazing. This was his project and mostly his vision, but I helped film it.
We are hopefully going to begin working on a video for our friend's pewter Trans Am WS6, that has been in a few of our other videos.
Also, I have an idea for an LT1-only video featuring our cars as well as our friend Greg's Camaro. It will be a music video, of course, to the song "Madness" by Muse. Hopefully we can work on that after New Year's. I want to try some new things in the realm of editing with that.

If you haven't seen it yet, here is Jimmy's "Seven Nation Army":

I leave you with a photo of my boyfriend on the set of that video!



I have decided to host my videos on YouTube primarily for ease of use - there are no upload caps on YouTube, which was hindering me in keeping my Vimeo channel updated with my new videos. A lot of my new projects were large files, over 500mb, which was the weekly upload limit on Vimeo. However, I will continue to upload videos there if it allows me to.
My boyfriend is also into media, typically when cars are involved, so you will see a lot of videos that we did together, as well as his own independent edits soon! He is very talented.

I have updated my sidebar to reflect my YouTube channel with my latest work, the most recent being from college assignments. This summer, I also updated the theme of the site, which you can see by the scrolling pictures up top. I don't know if I'm happy with this layout yet, but for now it's fine.

Stay tuned!


My boyfriend and the crane he made, on the set of Eyes on Fire.

Car videos abound!

As a huge car enthusiast with a boyfriend that's the same, we are producing a wealth of car videos lately. We just wrapped up postproduction of "Let the Sparks Fly" last night, which featured our friends' cars as well as our Camaros. It was definitely a fun video to create.

Yesterday we also filmed for my boyfriend's side project, which will be a short, edit-intensive video featuring his Z28 and a dubstep song. Editing on that will begin tonight. The photo below is from that shoot!


I will also be producing these types of videos for our friends in the LSX/LTX Mafia, as well as the famous MINI Cooper, Brutus.